Quick tips for traveling with your children

December 10th, 2012 by admin. Tags: , ,

Here are some useful tips when you travel with kids.

1. Arrive before time. Arrive 2 hours in advance may seem like overkill, but with enhanced measures for security, it is necessary to leave some time to find the gate, especially if you are traveling with children. Some airports have play areas near the gates, in order that children spend some energy before boarding. You can also request authorization for a friend or relative who pass through customs with you and accompany you to the gate.

2. Once you make your reservation, specify that you are traveling with a youngster and it is essential that you are together. Upon registration, confirm your seats are next to each other. Do not wait to be at the gate to try to change seats, because it is very likely that you were in the hallway, your baby in her arms, trying to change seats with other passengers that will be annoyed by your application and look of a worried thinking that your child will probably cry in the flight.

3. If you bought a ticket for your baby, I suggest you bring a car seat for children: it is convenient to install young children when they fall asleep and this is reassuring for the mom who can go the toilet without the worry of leaving her child in the arms of a stranger. Tell it to the agent at time of booking and registration as child seats should be next to the window and cannot be installed near the emergency exits.

4. Do not sit in the front row partitions. Have a bit more legroom and not having anyone in front of you may seem tempting, but there is no place to put a bag at your feet. Everything you need for the baby should be placed in the compartment above your head and will not be accessible during takeoff and landing.