A Quick Guide To Bali

September 14th, 2012 by admin. Tags: , ,

The island of Bali has many an almost magical attraction for decades. Even though it is small, the island has become a great destination where you will be amazed by the Hindu culture, the extensive nature, the green rice terraces, lovely beaches and the Balinese people with their great hospitality and open kindness.

On the island you will find an extensive and developed tourist infrastructure where plenty to see and do. You can sleep in simple guesthouses and small hotels in backstreets simple to luxurious resorts on beautiful beaches, where you can find everything to facilities. In recent years, however, a new phenomenon in Bali arise, namely staying in a private villa. Such residence offers maximum privacy and comfort, at a price that is affordable for many. After a week’s stay in a villa, you are completely rested, pampered and recovered and can you really say that you have had a holiday! This true paradises found almost anywhere on the island, but most villas are located near Seminyak and Ubud. Roughly they can be divided into 2 categories.

Hotel and Villas

With hotel-villas are the clusters of villas meant, actually be run as a hotel. Usually these oases of tranquility and opulence as between 10 and 20 houses, each individually walled for maximum privacy. They have a large surface often in the garden your private pool and butler to attend to your needs respond. Besides the privacy and comfort of your own villa, these accommodations offer additional facilities such as a large swimming pool, a restaurant with bar and a spa. So you can easily look up the company of other guests, should you need it. Actually you can enjoy a bit of the best of both sides, the facilities of a hotel and the comfort of a villa. The most choice in this type of villa you will find in Seminyak and Ubud.