Methods to Get the Best Airlines Discounts

airline tickets discountTravelling and sightseeing, nice resorts to visit, happy holidays with friends and loved ones… these are the thoughts we have during the year, while waiting for vacation. However, when vacation comes, we have to be prepared, to have everything set, our only stress being what clothes to put in the luggage and what sports equipment not to forget.

As planning is the key of success, we need to plan our travel carefully. To make the best of a flight, when considering the price, we must know a few things about the airline travel discounts policy. In easy steps, you will be able to buy your airline ticket with the biggest airline travel discounts.

1. Book the plane tickets with 4-5 months in advance

Airlines companies are case sensitive to losses, and to cut them, they want to make sure that all the plane tickets will be sold. Therefore, they put on sale the tickets even with 6 months in advance, and have a good travel discount policy. The price of the tickets increases gradually, depending on how close to the departure day is the ticket’s acquisition date.

2. Travel only on weekdays

If not necessary, do not travel on weekends. Because airlines companies are aware of the increasing demand for the weekends, they always increase the price for the Friday to Sunday flight tickets.

3. Buy the tickets online

Online services are nowadays so developed that you can find only on the internet the most appealing airline travel discounts. In addition buying online gives you the possibility to choose the best price for the same destination and period. If on the company’s website you can find information only for 6 month, you can ask directly to the travel agency to find out the flight schedule and prices for a longer period.

4. Split the flight

When you have to fly for long distances, search if you can split the flight. Surprisingly, using a connecting flight is cheaper in some cases even with a few hundred dollars. The advantage is that you can use the same airport, and all you have to do is expect the next flight to the same destination.

5. Never travel during high season

If you do not plan an Easter of Christmas holiday, don’t fly during the high season. These periods are the favorite of the airlines companies, because the tickets prices reach the sky.

6. Stay longer at your destination

Airline travel discounts are available if your stay at your destination for at least one weekend, or if you return within three months.

7. Claim the senior discounts

Many companies have the senior discounts policy, for the older people. If you are at this age, you have the right to claim the senior discount.

8. Midnight calls for best discounts

The airlines release the information about the new prices and seat plans every Wednesday at 12.01 am. If you call that time, you have the opportunity to choose the less expensive ticket available, and the desired seat. Maybe you cannot take all these eight steps, but for sure some of them will be useful for your future flights, if you want to obtain the best airline travel discounts.

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