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Bali Attractive Place – The Ubud Monkey Forest

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

The Ubud Monkey Forest is a nature reserve and complex of temples in Ubud. This forest “sacred” is home to several hundreds of monkeys and 3 temples.

Ubud Monkey ForestEach of the three temples on its meaning, if they were built in the 14th century. The most important Pura Dalem Agung is located at the “summit” of the monkey forest, a little further we find the temple of the sacred bathing and the nearby temple for the cremation of one of two cemeteries that found in this forest.

The forest has a high biodiversity and researchers have listed over 115 different varieties of trees, despite its size than a tenth of a square kilometer.

The sacred forest is visited monthly by some 10,000 tourists came to discover this little piece of virgin land was within walking distance of downtown Ubud and admire the 500 monkeys tame that populate the area.

The monkeys inhabit the forest are commonly called long-tailed macaque, because it differs from other macaques in the length of its tail, similar to that of his body. The species is also known as crab-eating macaque names, Java macaque or cynomolgus monkeys. In Indonesia it is known as Kera, perhaps because of its sharp cry of alarm when he is in danger.

With the protection of the forest, the population of monkeys has increased from 69 in 1985 to 600 in 2010. In 2007 the forest was home to about 350 (32 adult males, 19 adult male sub, 76 adult females, 120 juveniles and 55 infants)

despite their tunes little angel, monkeys can sometimes be aggressive and thieving, monitor your bag, sunglasses and cameras.

The forest is called Mandala Wisata Wenara Wana or sacred Shrine of the Monkey Forest and part of the village Padangtegal a few hundred meters from the center of Ubud and the site is managed by The Foundation Padangtegal Wenara Wana used to maintain its integrity sacred and to promote the site among tourists.

Pura Besakih Temple – Place to Visit in Bali

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

pura besakih templeThis kind of temple has been purposely constructed in a holy small town known as Hulundang Basukih, which can be identified these days as Besakih whole village. The naming of Besakih seemed to be based on the term “Basuki” or perhaps several ancient manuscripts published as Basukir or perhaps Basukih. The term Basuki alone has been obtained from the term “Wasuki” for the Sunskrit, this means “salvation”.

During the mythology involving Samudramanthana it really is pointed out in which Basuki had been the category of a monster which coiled throughout the Mandara Hill.

The old continues to be say how the BesakihTemple was created by Rsi Markandya and the followers inside the 11th century. During those times, Rsi Markandya intended to visit Mount Agung to create a dwelling. However, the development was stressed by the distribute of condition which brought on the passing away of his / her followers. For that safety regarding his fans, he then made a veneration in order to worship Lord for a solution. The veneration had been called “Sanggar Basuki”.

The location associated with Besakih Temple or perhaps Pura Agung Besakih is at Besakih town, Rendang district, about the south west regarding Mount Agung. To expect 44 km’s from Amlapura and also 62 km’s from Denpasar.

Some services are available in the bradenton area to support the particular tourism actions in Besakih, just like food stalls, fresh fruit stalls and fine art shops. There’s also a quite big parking lot as well as local manuals who will often be ready to provide their best program.

Besakih temple is one of visitor objects which includes its own originality compared with other areas. It becomes popular because of intricate of forehead established the following, also known as the caretaker Temple within Bali. Besakih which offers spiritual atmosphere had been built in line with the four guidelines.

Singaraja travel guide

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Singaraja had been once the prime city of Bali under Nederlander colonial supervision. In the big regency associated with Buleleng, Singaraja has a lot to make available tourists as well as travellers likewise; not just within the city and also offers excellent day journeys to many intriguing attractions.

Just as one old metropolis, it is a spot not distinguished for people to keep overnight or perhaps for a few days and quite a few travellers vacation further across the coastline to be able to places similar to Lovina the location where the accommodation is much more prodigious in addition to better top quality. I have developed fond of Singaraja and in the last decade get visited this specific interesting area many times. A few things i like in regards to the city can be its appeal with its broad, pine lined pavement and Nederlander colonial structures present all over the place you look.

Normally, being rich in history, Singaraja has some good places to go to as well as a number of really good warungs and eating places, and, to always remember the numerous market place places. The turn down virtually any corner may reveal the surprise as well as the people are usually the friendliest around the island. There exists excellent finances accommodation offered and a remain here for each day or so will unquestionably be gratifying.

Just away Jalan Erlangga and a rocks throw from your ocean rests the beautiful China temple Ling Gwan Kiong. A colorful and superbly constructed klenteng, access to the actual temple will be via a normal water bridge over the pond full of pink as well as white lotus flowers. Bhudda statues and also ornately embellished textiles can be found all over the place. Particularly remarkable are the wall art of Deities hand:painted about the entrance entrance doors and adjoining walls.

Bali surfing – Ulu watu surfing

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Like all islands, the land mass that makes up Bali is in a constant state of collision with the surrounding ocean in a never-ending contest of the elements. And somehow, as with so many other natural phenomena on this dream-like island, this eternal collision between the land and the sea seems more dramatic and spectacular here in Bali than it is in other, less magical parts of the planet.

This ageless interaction is at its most intense on the Bukit Peninsula, a great, round lump of land that protrudes into the ocean on the south coast of Bali. The Bukit is an area of low hills surrounded by a formidable wall of cliffs towering up some 100m from the sea — like the defensive walls of a medieval castle. To the southwest the ocean is open all the way to Antarctica, and it is from here that great sea swells come rolling in to crash with unabated ferocity against these castle walls. It’s a coastline of thunder and tumult, stubborn land forms and a relentlessly pounding sea — all making for the spectacular discharge of powerful natural energies.

None of this has been lost on the Balinese who, being spiritually hypersensitive, have for a long time regarded the area as being of a very special religious significance.

One particular point on the Bukit juts out a little further than the rest, a jagged promontory that takes the first impact of the incoming waves. Balinese mystics and devotees have been coming here for centuries to meditate on the great force of the ocean, so inevitably it became the site of one of the most impressive temples on the whole island: Pura Luhur Ulu Watu.

Then, in the 1970s, Ulu Watu was discovered by devotees of a different type: international surfers. In what must have been a moment of near-religious revelation, a group of visiting surfers came to this desolate coast and saw to their amazement that rather than crashing bluntly onto the cliffs, the waves hit a submerged reef and broke in long, hollow, perfectly peeling lines. In what seemed no time at all Ulu Watu became a legend in the surfing world, synonymous with almost impossibly perfect crystal tubes, and the dream pilgrimage of wave riders from Malibu to Manly. It was soon discovered that the whole Bukit area of Bali had magnificent waves — though none quite matching the undiluted purity of Ulu. Indeed, the opening up of the Bukit led to surfer-explorers fanning out across the whole island, and up and down the archipelago.

It’s one thing to admire the power and grace of these waves, another to actually ride them. This is Indonesian reef surf at it’s most uncompromising. The rips and cross currents are strong, the impact of the waves is fierce and if you get pounded onto the reef you’ll receive very severe lacerations. Several very good surfers have died here. But if you’re up to it, you can pull into some of the most exhilarating, awesome tube rides in the world, and plug your whole body directly into the magically-charged energy that makes this place so special to the Balinese.

What is overbooking?

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

This is an overbooking. The tour operators accept reservations for many more clients than it actually has the structure. A few weeks after starting then communicate the change to the Agency, which in turn will inform the customer. This is a positive move in terms of revenue for tour operators, of course, but that casts uncertainty many customers who had booked in advance and paid for their trip.

The organizer as we said in the event of changes to the package proposes an alternative that, in theory, should be of equal or superior to the one chosen. Unfortunately this rarely happens. What to do? Accept the alternative holiday or give up making back the whole fee. In many cases, turning to a lawyer for these issues may get hefty reimbursements for moral damages!

In case of breach of duty, the customer can, in fact, suffer a financial loss and not an asset, commonly called moral damage. The first time (which may be linked to paid services and not obtained, housing below the description, etc.), the Tour Operator must of course compensate the pecuniary damage. This compensation also applies to material damage, which the Supreme Court recognized as a result “a vacation ruined.”

If the cancellation does not come from force majeure or unforeseen (eg geographical and meteorological conditions such as hurricanes), the customer may also have a compensation. Obviously, the organizer is not responsible for damages to persons in cases where the causes of failure are attributable to the consumer.

Tourist guide to Barcelona

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

In find all the information needed to make your stay in the Catalan capital is a success. We tell you what the best places to visit, what you can not miss.

From portal you can book your flight at the best price with the company of your choice and find your own accommodation. We have a powerful search engine where you can book the hotel or hostel that suits your style; here we offer the widest range and variety of hotels in Barcelona.

In our guide of Barcelona has all the information to get around the city as one of Barcelona more hours, prices and maps of all types of transport, bus, train, subway, train and bicycle.

We also explain what the best options for getting to Barcelona from the airport, whether you arrive at Barcelona airport. tells you what you can not miss all these beautiful places to see in the various neighborhoods of the city, museums, monuments, plazas, historic buildings, and all the things you can not miss on your trip to Barcelona.


Walk through the old city of Amsterdam

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

We start this short walk to Central Station. You will have noticed that wherever water is present, we are indeed on an island. Right to the station you get a wide street, the Damrak, which leads us straight to the heart of Amsterdam, namely the Dam. Here, the city would rise and there was a dam built on the Amstel. The Dam is a place for young people. At the National Monument, you can sit quietly and enjoy the street musicians. This monument symbolizes the suffering humanity in wartime. On the Dam you will also find many other attractions, including Madame Tussauds, the Royal Palace and Nieuwe Kerk.

Royal Palace
This building was originally the town hall. When Louis Napoleon, however, the capital of Holland Amsterdam had bombed the town hall was suddenly the post of Royal Palace and it is still. The royal family does not live here and come here at most once a year for an official ceremony. We can visit this building and it is highly recommended.

New Church
This is the National Church of the Netherlands. Naturally, Protestant and used for the coronation of queen Wilhelmina, Juliana and Beatrix. You can also find the grave of the poet Vondel. This church is often used for concerts and exhibitions.

Madame Tussauds
You probably do not need Madame Tussauds proposals. In Amsterdam she coins from their ideal location on the Dam, the most central place in the capital. The museum is one of the best of Madame Tussauds. Of course you can see celebrities in person as they are with you. But Madame Tussauds is a unique experience for each year a thorough altered.

We walk behind the Royal Palace and the steps Raadhuisstraat. You cannot miss it since then. Wester soars above all the buildings and you can easily recognize the imperial crown on the tower. This was made in honor of Maximilian of Austria. Rembrandt is buried in this church.

Anne Frank Museum
Wester lies behind the Prinsengracht, turn right and you will see probably a queue. You have arrived at the Museum of Anne Frank. We take a separate page included Anne Frank.

Houseboat Museum
The Houseboat Museum is located along the Prinsengracht (5 minutes from the house of Anne Frank) and gives you a picture of life aboard a houseboat in the Amsterdam canals. The museum itself is a former freighter and shows how they can make something wonderful.

Amsterdam Historical Museum
This is housed in the former orphanage and tells you the history of Amsterdam. For this they use paintings, sculptures and other art objects.

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The best cheap bars in New York

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

New York is a destination for many backpackers. The vibrant heart of the United States is a mixture of financial institutions, historic museums, performing arts productions and hedonistic nightlife. Therefore you can be sure that every moment spent in this huge city will be memorable.

It is also guaranteed that the trip will begin your budget. It also frightens most backpackers. However, the lights of New York do not necessarily put you spent a lot of money because it is possible to travel cheap in this city. Just know how.

First, stay in a hostel in New York is a great way to save money. In addition, most are great places to meet other travelers, and you’re sure to find people to party with you every night of the week.

Unfortunately, these crazy parties can actually lighten your purse. That’s why we offer a fantastic selection of cheap bars in New York. Make the most of it!

The Blind Tiger Ale

This attractive bar on Bleecker Street is known for its happy hours, which are more happy days! Taking place from noon to 20h from Monday to Friday, they let you try all the beers in the fantastic selection at cheap prices. And if you think to be more capable, you can also bring your laptop and enjoy free WiFi throughout the building.

Bourbon Street

In the area of the Upper West Side of New York, this place is a favorite of students who sells beer to 50 percent. I repeat: beer for 50 percent! Make sure your youth hostel in New York is nearby if you plan to spend an evening, it allows you to easily return to your bed when you’ve partied enough. At least we hope!

Corner Bistro

Located in West Village, the Corner Bistro combines cheap food and cheap drinks, a combination quite pleasant! A tall glass of the drink of the house will cost about $ 2.


Bravest is another bar that manages to combine food and drink cheap. This casual place on the East Side has a nice atmosphere and is very popular. It’s worth settling on a stool between 17h and 19h, when beer prices fall 50% due to the happy hour.

Welcome to the Johnsons

You can find it on Rivington Street. The furniture in the old bar that give a joyfully nostalgic. In fact, even the prices are a little old and seem to have escaped inflation. Drinking after 21h is a bit more expensive but still very affordable, even for travelers on a tight budget.

Boxcar Lounge

If prices are higher Boxcar Lounge in bars that we have presented above, it definitely has an advantage: cocktails at $ 5. It is the perfect place for an eyeful without breaking the bank.

Third and Long

With his name, you may think that the Third and Long is the typical sports bar. But come back to the inside of this establishment and you will quickly realize that this is an authentic Irish pub. You will therefore not be surprised to see that people around you have a good run, especially on Monday and Tuesday evenings when the beer flows like water.

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Spain supports its tourism

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Planning a trip with a single click through the Internet has completely changed the world of travel. At a time when Spain was experiencing a decline in attendance of European tourists, travel agents rely more than ever on the renewal of their policy of providing online marketing to restart the machine.

Like most large tourist destinations, Spain has long been aware of the facilities and advantages offered by new technologies in the field of tourism: the Internet is not only a tool for information and promotion of tourism in Spain, but also an extraordinary distribution network. Today, travel agencies in Spain was therefore established web platforms dynamics to guide the traveler to inquire about flight schedules, fares, promotional offers available in Spain, and even to book your plane ticket, Spain’s hotel or her apartment Spain. But crisis requires, the purchasing power of tourists no longer what it was, the current situation requires tour operators to revise and adapt their marketing offers.

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Offers more targeted

Thus, they develop more interactive tools to enable high-value tourists Internet to better organize and manage their holiday vacation to Spain. It is actually more than just boast the merits of a destination in general but to introduce objects of motivation and diverse individuals. While proximity, climate, and competitive rates have so far made Spain one of the country’s favorite tourist French, German, English and Holland, travel agencies now have to convince them to return their tender offer Coupon that meet our consumers’ expectations, both in terms of activities (hiking, water sports, etc..) and its purpose (cultural, beach, etc..).

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Adventure in England

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

It all started long ago, when a vigilante has made bold Sherwood Forest’s secret. You guessed it, the East Midlands is the land of Robin Hood!

It was located in the heart of the England, this region of immense natural beauty and fairy-like delight children and adults. Quick and easy access from the capital, the east midlands region offers many interesting accommodations.

Attractions organized around Sherwood Forest and the beautiful city of Nottingham will lead you in this beautiful forest, in the underworld of the city, its museums and pubs. And that’s not all!

The region’s landscape is breathtaking. The circuit hikes on foot or bicycle will make you dream. Stop walking so the festival of the Peak District, come strolling in the beautiful and famous English gardens, come and breathe the fresh air and soak up the exquisite beauty of the region known as the most English of England.

Its history and heritage, you can take yourself back to ancient times, you remember the castles and battlefields which will delight you and make you dream.

You’ll like this place or at the very moment you set foot on this enchanting land. So close your eyes, let yourself go, and the adventure begins.

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