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Bali adventures tours

Monday, December 6th, 2010

There are many adventure pursuits on offer throughout Bali, ranging from mountaineering to white-water rafting and cycling. I have got involved in certain pretty daring activities on my journeys on the island over the years but I need to admit the adventurous activity of canyoning or kayaking has not been one of them. If we think of canyoning, many of us conjure up pictures of people yelling as they are raced down a fast-moving stream or river unaided, along with bouncing around on the water and keeping away from related problems. No doubt should you look hard enough on Bali you’d probably find this kind of waterway further up out in the wild. The next best thing to do is canyon lines and the one particular company in which excels in this is BaliCanyonTubingAdventure.

Northern of Ubud at the place known as Payangan there is a undetectable canyon where the pond flows in a fast speed and it is from this level your venture begins. Siting inside a rubber conduit being raced downstream is our kind of journey! The delightful facet of this experience is that you be able to view a great untouched part of Bali in all it’s splendour.

Singaraja travel guide

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Singaraja had been once the prime city of Bali under Nederlander colonial supervision. In the big regency associated with Buleleng, Singaraja has a lot to make available tourists as well as travellers likewise; not just within the city and also offers excellent day journeys to many intriguing attractions.

Just as one old metropolis, it is a spot not distinguished for people to keep overnight or perhaps for a few days and quite a few travellers vacation further across the coastline to be able to places similar to Lovina the location where the accommodation is much more prodigious in addition to better top quality. I have developed fond of Singaraja and in the last decade get visited this specific interesting area many times. A few things i like in regards to the city can be its appeal with its broad, pine lined pavement and Nederlander colonial structures present all over the place you look.

Normally, being rich in history, Singaraja has some good places to go to as well as a number of really good warungs and eating places, and, to always remember the numerous market place places. The turn down virtually any corner may reveal the surprise as well as the people are usually the friendliest around the island. There exists excellent finances accommodation offered and a remain here for each day or so will unquestionably be gratifying.

Just away Jalan Erlangga and a rocks throw from your ocean rests the beautiful China temple Ling Gwan Kiong. A colorful and superbly constructed klenteng, access to the actual temple will be via a normal water bridge over the pond full of pink as well as white lotus flowers. Bhudda statues and also ornately embellished textiles can be found all over the place. Particularly remarkable are the wall art of Deities hand:painted about the entrance entrance doors and adjoining walls.

Bali Tourism and Storage Boxes

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

One of the nicest places for tourists to visit when they’re in Indonesia is the tiny island of Bali. Bali is located in the southern strip of islands that make up the nation of Indonesia, and happens to be the favourite tourist destination of that country. Bali’s near-perfect weather, combined with her world renowned arts has made her a wonderful place to spend your holidays.

Travelling in Bali is almost like going out to your garage and opening those long forgotten storage boxes. Underneath every lid is another pleasant surprise just waiting to greet you. Take the island’s art and cultural museums for example. Nowhere else in the world could you find something as unique and interesting as the Puri Lukisan Museum. This art museum preserves and displays the best in Balinese painting and wood working spanning the twentieth century. It houses the finest works by artists who see the world through the eyes of Bali.

Along with Puri Lukisan Museum, the island is also well known for her rich performing arts. Go to a new shelf, open another storage box, and be greeted by the Barong Dance; the most well-known dance in all of Bali culture. It tells the story of Barong, the mythological king of the spirits, and the historic struggle between good and evil. The performance is one of the most important to the island.

Bali’s “storage boxes” also contain wonderful beaches, hotels, resorts, and spas. Tourists are welcome to partake in diving, hiking, surfing, and even rafting. With every new day that dawns a new surprise is waiting to be found and enjoyed. If you’ve never been to Indonesia on holiday, perhaps your next one ought to be to Bali. Go ahead. There are an awful lot of storage boxes waiting to be opened.

Packing Boxes at the Bali Market

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

The Indonesian island of Bali is known around the world for many things, not the least of which is her native foods. Tourists flock to Bali by the millions because of her wonderful weather, her beaches, and her amazing cultural heritage. After a few days in Bali, many find themselves pleasantly surprised by the cuisine.

A casual stroll through any of the island’s hundreds of street markets is a feast for the eyes and nose. One of the more striking aromas one might encounter is a roasting pig. These animals are gutted, stuffed with vegetables and spices then slow roasted on a wooded stake four hours on end. For a meat lover this is heaven. But wait, there’s more.

Local growers line the market with packing boxes filled with all kinds of native fruits and vegetables. One might encounter a display of Rambutan, so named because it resembles a “hairy fruit.” These small fruits, about the size of large grapes, grow in bunches on trees. Inside is a sweet flesh that’s revealed after easily removing the skin. Sound good? How about the baskets of mango and jackfuit flanking either side?

Jackfruit is an extremely heavy and dense fruit that can be cooked or eaten fresh. Its unusual texture and visual appearance make it look very similar to a piece of meat once it’s been cooked. For that reason, vegetarians use it as a cooking substitute when serving guest who are not vegetarians. The flesh of the jackfruit tastes like a tart banana when raw, but cooking will alter it depending on method and added spices.

There are so many varieties of fruits and vegetables in Bali, you owe it to yourself to visit this wonderful island and check out all the packing boxes at the market.

What is overbooking?

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

This is an overbooking. The tour operators accept reservations for many more clients than it actually has the structure. A few weeks after starting then communicate the change to the Agency, which in turn will inform the customer. This is a positive move in terms of revenue for tour operators, of course, but that casts uncertainty many customers who had booked in advance and paid for their trip.

The organizer as we said in the event of changes to the package proposes an alternative that, in theory, should be of equal or superior to the one chosen. Unfortunately this rarely happens. What to do? Accept the alternative holiday or give up making back the whole fee. In many cases, turning to a lawyer for these issues may get hefty reimbursements for moral damages!

In case of breach of duty, the customer can, in fact, suffer a financial loss and not an asset, commonly called moral damage. The first time (which may be linked to paid services and not obtained, housing below the description, etc.), the Tour Operator must of course compensate the pecuniary damage. This compensation also applies to material damage, which the Supreme Court recognized as a result “a vacation ruined.”

If the cancellation does not come from force majeure or unforeseen (eg geographical and meteorological conditions such as hurricanes), the customer may also have a compensation. Obviously, the organizer is not responsible for damages to persons in cases where the causes of failure are attributable to the consumer.

Tips to avoid travel scam

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

When we book our holidays through a registered travel agency and tour operator we are very careful to read than the super mega comfort that lie ahead, including our rights. Read the contract carefully before signing and keep the catalog which describes our accommodation.

Read the contract carefully will help us to inspect every clause in and act accordingly (eg in cases of special burdens borne by the customer or total relief from any liability of the organizer).

In particular make sure the contract clearly shows the characteristics of travel costs, the amount of any advance, services included and how the right of withdrawal. Once the reservation is made and read the package will no longer be possible changes in cost.

The exception is the change in transport costs, fuel, exchange rates or other taxes and possible (eg on the boarding or disembarking). In any case, no change can occur within 20 days before departure and if this exceeds 10%, the customer may cancel your reservation without any additional cost, even regain the deposit.

The right of withdrawal may be exercised if, after booking, changes occur in the general conditions and must be disclosed to a maximum of two days.

Very important in cases of non-correspondence between theory and practice is timely. If the system does not respond to our needs, being significantly dissimilar from the catalog, you must complain in writing to the appropriate person who will provide an adequate alternative.

In support of its claim would be useful to provide a detailed demonstration, then photos, tickets, receipts, and do not forget to take contact details of other tourists in the same conditions, potential witnesses. All items in our favor in any legal action against fraud incurred.

Tourist guide to Barcelona

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

In find all the information needed to make your stay in the Catalan capital is a success. We tell you what the best places to visit, what you can not miss.

From portal you can book your flight at the best price with the company of your choice and find your own accommodation. We have a powerful search engine where you can book the hotel or hostel that suits your style; here we offer the widest range and variety of hotels in Barcelona.

In our guide of Barcelona has all the information to get around the city as one of Barcelona more hours, prices and maps of all types of transport, bus, train, subway, train and bicycle.

We also explain what the best options for getting to Barcelona from the airport, whether you arrive at Barcelona airport. tells you what you can not miss all these beautiful places to see in the various neighborhoods of the city, museums, monuments, plazas, historic buildings, and all the things you can not miss on your trip to Barcelona.


Walk through the old city of Amsterdam

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

We start this short walk to Central Station. You will have noticed that wherever water is present, we are indeed on an island. Right to the station you get a wide street, the Damrak, which leads us straight to the heart of Amsterdam, namely the Dam. Here, the city would rise and there was a dam built on the Amstel. The Dam is a place for young people. At the National Monument, you can sit quietly and enjoy the street musicians. This monument symbolizes the suffering humanity in wartime. On the Dam you will also find many other attractions, including Madame Tussauds, the Royal Palace and Nieuwe Kerk.

Royal Palace
This building was originally the town hall. When Louis Napoleon, however, the capital of Holland Amsterdam had bombed the town hall was suddenly the post of Royal Palace and it is still. The royal family does not live here and come here at most once a year for an official ceremony. We can visit this building and it is highly recommended.

New Church
This is the National Church of the Netherlands. Naturally, Protestant and used for the coronation of queen Wilhelmina, Juliana and Beatrix. You can also find the grave of the poet Vondel. This church is often used for concerts and exhibitions.

Madame Tussauds
You probably do not need Madame Tussauds proposals. In Amsterdam she coins from their ideal location on the Dam, the most central place in the capital. The museum is one of the best of Madame Tussauds. Of course you can see celebrities in person as they are with you. But Madame Tussauds is a unique experience for each year a thorough altered.

We walk behind the Royal Palace and the steps Raadhuisstraat. You cannot miss it since then. Wester soars above all the buildings and you can easily recognize the imperial crown on the tower. This was made in honor of Maximilian of Austria. Rembrandt is buried in this church.

Anne Frank Museum
Wester lies behind the Prinsengracht, turn right and you will see probably a queue. You have arrived at the Museum of Anne Frank. We take a separate page included Anne Frank.

Houseboat Museum
The Houseboat Museum is located along the Prinsengracht (5 minutes from the house of Anne Frank) and gives you a picture of life aboard a houseboat in the Amsterdam canals. The museum itself is a former freighter and shows how they can make something wonderful.

Amsterdam Historical Museum
This is housed in the former orphanage and tells you the history of Amsterdam. For this they use paintings, sculptures and other art objects.

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The best cheap bars in New York

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

New York is a destination for many backpackers. The vibrant heart of the United States is a mixture of financial institutions, historic museums, performing arts productions and hedonistic nightlife. Therefore you can be sure that every moment spent in this huge city will be memorable.

It is also guaranteed that the trip will begin your budget. It also frightens most backpackers. However, the lights of New York do not necessarily put you spent a lot of money because it is possible to travel cheap in this city. Just know how.

First, stay in a hostel in New York is a great way to save money. In addition, most are great places to meet other travelers, and you’re sure to find people to party with you every night of the week.

Unfortunately, these crazy parties can actually lighten your purse. That’s why we offer a fantastic selection of cheap bars in New York. Make the most of it!

The Blind Tiger Ale

This attractive bar on Bleecker Street is known for its happy hours, which are more happy days! Taking place from noon to 20h from Monday to Friday, they let you try all the beers in the fantastic selection at cheap prices. And if you think to be more capable, you can also bring your laptop and enjoy free WiFi throughout the building.

Bourbon Street

In the area of the Upper West Side of New York, this place is a favorite of students who sells beer to 50 percent. I repeat: beer for 50 percent! Make sure your youth hostel in New York is nearby if you plan to spend an evening, it allows you to easily return to your bed when you’ve partied enough. At least we hope!

Corner Bistro

Located in West Village, the Corner Bistro combines cheap food and cheap drinks, a combination quite pleasant! A tall glass of the drink of the house will cost about $ 2.


Bravest is another bar that manages to combine food and drink cheap. This casual place on the East Side has a nice atmosphere and is very popular. It’s worth settling on a stool between 17h and 19h, when beer prices fall 50% due to the happy hour.

Welcome to the Johnsons

You can find it on Rivington Street. The furniture in the old bar that give a joyfully nostalgic. In fact, even the prices are a little old and seem to have escaped inflation. Drinking after 21h is a bit more expensive but still very affordable, even for travelers on a tight budget.

Boxcar Lounge

If prices are higher Boxcar Lounge in bars that we have presented above, it definitely has an advantage: cocktails at $ 5. It is the perfect place for an eyeful without breaking the bank.

Third and Long

With his name, you may think that the Third and Long is the typical sports bar. But come back to the inside of this establishment and you will quickly realize that this is an authentic Irish pub. You will therefore not be surprised to see that people around you have a good run, especially on Monday and Tuesday evenings when the beer flows like water.

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Spain supports its tourism

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Planning a trip with a single click through the Internet has completely changed the world of travel. At a time when Spain was experiencing a decline in attendance of European tourists, travel agents rely more than ever on the renewal of their policy of providing online marketing to restart the machine.

Like most large tourist destinations, Spain has long been aware of the facilities and advantages offered by new technologies in the field of tourism: the Internet is not only a tool for information and promotion of tourism in Spain, but also an extraordinary distribution network. Today, travel agencies in Spain was therefore established web platforms dynamics to guide the traveler to inquire about flight schedules, fares, promotional offers available in Spain, and even to book your plane ticket, Spain’s hotel or her apartment Spain. But crisis requires, the purchasing power of tourists no longer what it was, the current situation requires tour operators to revise and adapt their marketing offers.

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Offers more targeted

Thus, they develop more interactive tools to enable high-value tourists Internet to better organize and manage their holiday vacation to Spain. It is actually more than just boast the merits of a destination in general but to introduce objects of motivation and diverse individuals. While proximity, climate, and competitive rates have so far made Spain one of the country’s favorite tourist French, German, English and Holland, travel agencies now have to convince them to return their tender offer Coupon that meet our consumers’ expectations, both in terms of activities (hiking, water sports, etc..) and its purpose (cultural, beach, etc..).

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