Bali travel guide

Bali Hindu island in the heart of the vast Indonesian archipelago overwhelmingly Muslim, miraculously managed to keep his soul and culture despite the spectacular growth of tourism.

Bali still evokes a little piece of paradise. Terraced rice fields on rolling hills, green mountains, beaches, lakes and volcanoes.

Bali travel guideBali is home to breathtaking scenery. In the course of your wanderings, you encounter a procession, a wedding, a cremation. In each village, the school of dance and gamelan orchestra same report show a fusion between art, culture and religion.

Hinduism with its laced with animism, the festival calendar is full. Each temple is continually embellished. Everywhere small baskets of offerings to honor the gods.

A large hotel area, Kuta Seminyak

Nothing here seems to affect the vitality of cultural and religious practices of the island. In Bali, too, will come for the scenery and you come back to the people, kind, gentle, smiling.

The tourist area is circumscribed around the capital Denpasar, in the south of the island. Large hotels are along the long and beautiful beaches.

The best known is that of Kuta, go for surfers of all countries, including Australia. On Jalan Legian, Kuta’s main street, shops, restaurants and bars sit side on seven kilometers along the shoreline to Seminyak, Legian through.

Ubud, a cultural center surrounded by rice terraces

To the south, the small peninsula of Bukit, other lovely beaches are called Nusa Dua and Jimbaran.
Lovers of seaside holidays will not be disappointed: the hotel is an excellent, impeccable service, the nightlife.
Take a walk on the island, leave the beaten track. The “Island Tour” of travelers passing through five or six major destinations.

Ubud, a small town located a few tens of kilometers north of Denpasar, was long considered a cultural center.

Even today, shops sculptures and paintings are naive the upper hand. It must wander for hours in the sublime rice terraces around before going to forget his fatigue in the atmosphere always preferred the Café Wayan.

Ubud is often the starting point for excursions to explore the beaches of the east and north. Several roads also lead to the mountain Balinese, the haunt of gods. One of them, to Klungkung, the former capital of the kingdom Balinese ends up at Besakih.

The “mother temple” of Bali, the most sacred of the island, stands on one of the slopes of Mount Agung, an active volcano and highest point of the island (3142 m).

Another road crosses the island, allowing the passage to discover a superb panorama from Penelokan, the Gunung Batur, another active volcano (its last eruption was in 1994) and Lake Batur adjacent (walkers, attention to suffer!).

A third route through the resort of Bedugul, which is the starting point for walks in the beautiful temperate region.

Emphasis will include a visit to the village of Munduk – the flowers of clove to dry on the asphalt of the streets – and the charming Temple Ulu Danu reflecting its meru roofs to eleven in the waters of Lake Bratan.

To the east, can be avoided Candi Dasa (pronounced Chandi Dasen), very touristy and deprived of much of its range due to destruction of the coral reef.

There are also small in Bali resorts charming and far more authentic than those in the south of the island. Amed worth a visit for its relaxed atmosphere and white sandy beaches.

The locality of Tulamben offers divers the other hand (even those budding equipped with a simple mask and snorkel) an exceptional spectacle: that of a beached cargo ship a few meters from the beach, now a coral reef Artificial inhabited by a swarm of colorful fish (to visit only when the sea is clear!).

North of the island, near Singaraja, a growing number of travelers plebiscite Lovina Beach resort popular for its atmosphere and reasonable prices. Tourists traveling with their families have found their paradise. For those seeking paradise, Bali is not over.

With the number of tourists compared to the number of inhabitants, no one surprised to see the Balinese lost their souls and affable character. It would also not surprising to hear both stigmatize mass tourism and enjoy an activity able to increase greatly the standards of living. Bali has yet been able to embrace the world without any concessions on the essential, even in the southern tourist island.

“Bali is rather visit between April and October. However, during the rainy season ends in late March, it rains only for a short time in the day. Bali is sold both to the seaside holiday as mini-circuits in a star from the hotel or in self drive touring. It is advisable to take a driver as the roads are not safe. Given the wealth of the island on a cultural level, we recommend the widely explore the island rather than stay motionless in a hotel. A combined living and circuit is ideal, especially for honeymooners, with regard to the quality of the hotels. ”


Bali offers a wide range of accommodation, backpacker board at the hotel for tourists standardized, through the small luxury establishments absolutely superb, furnished in true Balinese style.

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