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This park is an officiаl member of the World Zoo аssociаtion,  meets Internаtionаl Stаndаrds for аnimаl cаre аnd is set in more thаn 2 hectаres of exotic eco tourism lаndscаped botаnicаl gаrdens, surrounded by nаtionаl forest. Acclаimed аs the World’s Best Elephаnt Pаrk, fаcilities include а full Reception аnd Informаtion Centre, а comprehensive Museum, with а lаrge collection of elephаnt memorаbiliа аnd the only Mаmmoth Skeleton in South Eаst аsiа.  а visit to the Elephаnt Sаfаri Pаrk is а must for аny visitor to Bаli.

Just а thirty minute ride from the town of Ubud is Bаli’s Elephаnt Sаfаri Pаrk which is home to 27 endаngered Sumаtrаn Elephаnts. The pаrk is one of the lаrgest of its kind аnd is designed to give visitors аs close аn encounter аs possible to these mаgnificent creаtures аs well аs educаte them on the role of elephаnts. The pаrk is mаde up of beаutiful lаndscаped botаnicаl gаrdens аnd nаturаl forest where you cаn see elephаnts аs they would be in their nаturаl hаbitаt. The pаrk аlso houses аn interesting elephаnt museum feаturing the only Mаmmoth skeleton in the Southern Hemisphere.

Bаli Sаfаri Pаrk аlso offer а free dаily shuttle to get you to аnd from the pаrk thаt leаves from certаin check points аround Bаli. Are you looking for unique climbing experience in East Africa? Check out this page for new holiday destinations offered by Kenya's leading tour operator African Sermon Safaris: .

Quick travel tips – How to get to Bali?

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By plane: Many travelers arrive by plane at Ngurah Rai International Airport, also known as Denpasar International Airport via Singapore,Hong Kong and Bangkok. The airport is only 30 minutes from Denpasar.

Visa: If you have not already applied for a visa at the embassy before leaving Indonesia, it is possible to obtain a visa on arrival at the airport. It will cost $24 for a month.

Attention to the immigration of people dressed as porters “official” (with badge) will want to take your bag, firmly refuse them. If they do it anyway even though you said no, do not give them money. Especially if you need them to carry the bag on 10-20 meters, you have to pay 5000 Rupiah.

This is not the only scam that you might experience in the airport, especially if you want to bring back memories may that we want to tax you for the goods.

From the airport you can take a taxi to Kuta or other places (Blue Bird Taxis is my choice to exit from the airport).

Most attractive places in Bali

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The Bali Island has a natural, cultural and religious attraction for traveler.  We summarize five tourist attractions in Bali, especially for the first time visitor.


Pura Uluwatu tourist attractions can be visited in the afternoon at a time to see the sunset. After that, at around 18:30 there Kecak Dance performances that can be enjoyed by paying $7,. Pura Uluwatu has  a lot of monkeys, so you should be careful with your luggage.

In the area there are many beaches with cliff, so visitor should go down the cliff to reach this seashore, i.e. Padang-padang Beach and Blue Beach Point.


This time let’s take a closer look into the highland tourist attractions in Kintamani! Visitor can reach this tourist spot 3 hours by road from Denpasar. In high ground areas, the temperature is around 15-20 Celsius so you should bring a jacket.

Here you can enjoy a tranquil view of Lake Batur. Eating roasted corn or just drink warm ginger can certainly make your trip more enjoyable. You can also trekking to Mount Batur and see the sunrise.


After the religious places with high altitude, let’s enjoy the ocean with snorkeling or diving in Menjangan, West Bali National Park. Although it takes three hours by road from Denpasar, but the coral reefs and the fish here is very beautiful and worth to be visited.
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Quick tips for traveling with your children

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Here are some useful tips when you travel with kids.

1. Arrive before time. Arrive 2 hours in advance may seem like overkill, but with enhanced measures for security, it is necessary to leave some time to find the gate, especially if you are traveling with children. Some airports have play areas near the gates, in order that children spend some energy before boarding. You can also request authorization for a friend or relative who pass through customs with you and accompany you to the gate.

2. Once you make your reservation, specify that you are traveling with a youngster and it is essential that you are together. Upon registration, confirm your seats are next to each other. Do not wait to be at the gate to try to change seats, because it is very likely that you were in the hallway, your baby in her arms, trying to change seats with other passengers that will be annoyed by your application and look of a worried thinking that your child will probably cry in the flight.

3. If you bought a ticket for your baby, I suggest you bring a car seat for children: it is convenient to install young children when they fall asleep and this is reassuring for the mom who can go the toilet without the worry of leaving her child in the arms of a stranger. Tell it to the agent at time of booking and registration as child seats should be next to the window and cannot be installed near the emergency exits.

4. Do not sit in the front row partitions. Have a bit more legroom and not having anyone in front of you may seem tempting, but there is no place to put a bag at your feet. Everything you need for the baby should be placed in the compartment above your head and will not be accessible during takeoff and landing.

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A Quick Guide To Bali

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The island of Bali has many an almost magical attraction for decades. Even though it is small, the island has become a great destination where you will be amazed by the Hindu culture, the extensive nature, the green rice terraces, lovely beaches and the Balinese people with their great hospitality and open kindness.

On the island you will find an extensive and developed tourist infrastructure where plenty to see and do. You can sleep in simple guesthouses and small hotels in backstreets simple to luxurious resorts on beautiful beaches, where you can find everything to facilities. In recent years, however, a new phenomenon in Bali arise, namely staying in a private villa. Such residence offers maximum privacy and comfort, at a price that is affordable for many. After a week’s stay in a villa, you are completely rested, pampered and recovered and can you really say that you have had a holiday! This true paradises found almost anywhere on the island, but most villas are located near Seminyak and Ubud. Roughly they can be divided into 2 categories.

Hotel and Villas . Musical Wall Clocks . bandar judi online . free pubg battle points With hotel-villas are the clusters of villas meant, actually be run as a hotel. Usually these oases of tranquility and opulence as between 10 and 20 houses, each individually walled for maximum privacy. They have a large surface often in the garden your private pool and butler to attend to your needs respond. Besides the privacy and comfort of your own villa, these accommodations offer additional facilities such as a large swimming pool, a restaurant with bar and a spa. So you can easily look up the company of other guests, should you need it. Actually you can enjoy a bit of the best of both sides, the facilities of a hotel and the comfort of a villa. The most choice in this type of villa you will find in Seminyak and Ubud.
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Motorcycle Rental in Bali

Vacation in Bali will be more flexible if you rent private vehicle rather than join a tourist tour bus.

There are many types of vehicles to choose from. One of them is a motorcycle. Motorcycles for rent are usually Honda or Yamaha with manual or automatic transmission.

Rent a motorcycle certainly cheaper than hiring a car and you are also free of traffic jams. You will be faster reach your destination. Rents range from $ 5-6 USD per day.

Welcome to Bali and have fun.

Hotels in Seminyak Bali

Several of the well-known and popular Exclusive Villas and even High-class Holiday Accommodations in Bali island, Indonesia are found in Seminyak-Bali. Seminyak is well-known for beautiful beaches, fantastic shopping, and also fine cusine. Bali-Seminyak is notably popular with resident travelers and guests, and secure accommodation rates are encircled by the best in Bali island. Luxurious Bali villas wit health spas and resorts abound, while do high-end store shopping shops and fine-cusine restaurants will surely give the perfect holiday trips among the visitors.

Seminyak Seashore and Petitenget Beach front is a steady area of grey-sand stretching in each directions as long as your eyesight can see. On the south it is Legian Beach and after that Kuta Beach, however is clearly quieter. A sunsets right here are famous, together with opportunites are all to combine with a glitterati who regular the top quality beachfront estalilshments for instance Ku-De-Ta.

Hawaii Vacation Activities

For a number of people, the preferred holiday involves sun, surf, sand, and island hotels. These people could not imagine having a trip that doesn’t include relaxing in the beach and sticking their feet in the seaside. If you are one of these people then you are in luck. You will find actually hundreds of beach island and resorts offered worldwide with miles of fine sand and beach just waiting to suit your needs.

Family favorable island hotels are offered everywhere. Many family friendly hotels will have recreation designed for children of all ages and also promote themselves more for young families than as romantic escapes.

Several of the highest ranked island hotels are Honolulu hotels. They are well-known hotels with many regions. Although they are generally marketed toward a place for married couples to stay in, rest and be pampered, a lot of families prefer to have vacation there as well. Based on where you go you may find such recreation as snorkeling, golf and diving. It is an all inclusive holiday resort which means you generally purchase your trip in vacation packages.

Recreation in Hawaii are abundant covering anything from hiking, snorkeling, bird watching and surfing. You will find historic sites ready to be seen and ethnic shows to entertain your senses. Shopping is everywhere and there are endless opportunities to have fun with the finest cuisines from around the world.

Regardless of if it’s your first explore or you’ve got lost track of how often you’ve been there, you will never run out of fun actions in Hawaii. It is perhaps a good idea to prepare ahead of time and book your tours online while you schedule the rest of the trip to prevent long lines plus price hikes. Discover complete guidelines to all Hawaii recreation and travels at a lots of online travel providers featuring the most popular vacation packages.

Tailor Your Vacation through Internet with the Best Travel Discounts

When is not a necessity, traveling is one of the most common hobbies around the world. The bigger this hobby grows, the better services are developed to fulfill it. Travel operators are doing their best to find and combine the most attractive offers in order to please their customers.

However, when your budget is uptight, then you decide that is better to manage your travel plans with your own forces. It is not difficult to do so, when you have the internet as your ally. Through internet, you can have immediate access to the information regarding the best travel discounts.

Having in mind the period and the place that you want to visit, you can prepare the budget for the trip. You have to think carefully about the cost of the transportation, the cost of accommodation and the cost of other possible expenses. Once your destination is set, you can start gathering the information about the above expenditure.

Online booking

Usually there are two situations: when the plan for the vacation is made in advance, and when the plan is on the spot. In both of the cases, you can benefit from travel discounts through internet booking.

The good thing about planning is that usually both hotels and transportation companies give travel discounts, to make sure that they will be fully booked for the future periods. The longer the period you book in advance, the better are the prices obtained. The only risk with the future planning is that in case of an unexpected event, the refund cannot be done for the entire amount paid in advance.
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Balinese Massage – the essence of aromatherapy, reflexology, stretching and acupressure

Balinese Massage therapy is part of Balinese Conventional Healing. This Balinese therapeutic massage has been referred to and practised  many years in the past and it’s pointed out on well preserved historic Balinese manuscripts. This Balinese Massage therapy, as one of Balinese recovery treatments influenced by traditional Hindu medical practice according to Ayurvedic texts.

Balinese massage therapy is a full body remedy that mixes the  essence of reflexology, aromatherapy, acupressure and stretching. It gives  proper blood flow, helps reduce muscular and ankle pain while delivering a sense  of well-being.

The Balinese believe that the best way to have true comfort there needs to be a  good blood circulation and fresh air around your system. This is believed  that if the blood and fresh air are flowing easily then the  qi, or simply  energy, will certainly flow freely as well. It is this kind of stability of accupresure rub  and aromatherapy that enables the Balinese massage therapy to deliver a release to muscles. This massage gets results especially well on  achy bones and muscle stresses.

Balinese massage therapy is usually practiced on a soft pad on the floor, and also on a massage bed. It also can be performed with you seated in a couch, if, for health related reasons for instance, this is more pleasant for a person. Essential oils form an necessary part of a Balinese massage therapy – scent is a very strong stimulant creating memory – the usage of oils could be very beneficial, and will activate your body’s blood flow and even lymphatic system.
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